Hidden Wiki, Black Market Reloaded And Freedom Host

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Hidden Wiki: http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Black Market Reloaded: http://5onwnspjvuk7cwvk.onion/
Freedom Host: http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/

Duration : 0:5:10

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25 Responses to “Hidden Wiki, Black Market Reloaded And Freedom Host”

  1. Kaiserzel says:

    @JonoGreene man~ …
    @JonoGreene man~ how can you be so brave >,<

  2. seiya209 says:

    where is the kids …
    where is the kids porn

  3. seiya209 says:

    @0ptiMuX xD
    @0ptiMuX xD

  4. jake11798 says:

    i just hate you so …
    i just hate you so much

  5. 0ptiMuX says:

    @seiya209 u should …
    @seiya209 u should be on jail sir :)

  6. MOHH2COD4 says:

    ‘An error has …
    ‘An error has occured’ for almost all videos I find relating the the ‘deep web’.

  7. seiya209 says:

    where is the kids …
    where is the kids porn

  8. shadowkillerful says:

    OH GOD! AFRO …

  9. airadoz says:

    Just wondering, is …
    Just wondering, is it ilegal to buy legal stuff from a site that sell illegal things?

  10. Ragnaldo17 says:

    @katostrophic96 i …
    @katostrophic96 i knowe its sick, hoppefully their burn in hell

  11. Jack14112 says:

    @PH5221 you know …
    @PH5221 you know most of it is just databases which the surface web relies on.

  12. xXTheMizSucksXx says:



    You’ll get yourself in some trouble looking for things you aren’t supposed to find, boy

  13. alkokane says:

    @katostrophic96 …
    @katostrophic96 post the article then !?

  14. katostrophic96 says:

    @alkokane look it …
    @alkokane look it up dumbfuck. i read an article of it while researching the deep web. asshole

  15. JonoGreene says:

    @ph5221, yes I …
    @ph5221, yes I know nothing.

  16. PH5221 says:

    @JonoGreene Welcome …
    @JonoGreene Welcome to the internet. Hopefully you realise that the “deep web” is over 90% of the internet. The scary thing is, people don’t realise that these things exist. People are assassinated each and every day. People are watching you. People can SEE what you are doing on your computer right now. The “surface web” has over 14 billion pages. The “deep web” probably has more than triple that. This is the internet, if you think this is scary, you know nothing about the deep web.

  17. alkokane says:

    Do …

    Do you got some source on that so you can back it up ?

  18. crazydoc134 says:

    Tell me why my …
    Tell me why my never loads.i have connected one time and now nothing help.

  19. enmyssys66613 says:

    how i use tor?

    how i use tor?

  20. MrChrism95 says:

    @ …
    @100percentNatural100 needa use it with Firefox.

  21. 100percentNatural100 says:

    On TOR google works …
    On TOR google works but none of these websites work for some reason. It just keeps on saying “Unable to connect”. What’s wrong with it?

  22. daiquirialwayscool says:

    Actually Black …
    Actually Black Market was around before Silk Road.. But Black Market originally was shut down when it was running openly.. So they resurfaced in the form of Black Market Reloaded (hence the “reloaded” at the end of the title). I could find more info on this but this was my understanding.. The original link was different, as well, and more obvious.

  23. 9nano5 says:


  24. sivazh says:

    @katostrophic96 …
    @katostrophic96 Dude that kind of has existed since time began, the web just made it a little more convenient.

  25. reaperdead says:

    @katostrophic96 …
    @katostrophic96 Welcome to the big bad wide world. You’ll only find those services if you look for it

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